Helicopter charter operation,Operation of news coverage helicopters, and Disaster prevention helicopters

ヘリコプターは消防、防災、救急医療、報道取材、警察、人員輸送、物資輸送等、民間・公共・防衛のあらゆる分野において活躍し、社会へ貢献する公共性の高い乗り物です。 当社は安全を最優先に、ヘリコプターの運航、整備、訓練などを一貫してご提供し、地域と日本社会へ貢献いたします。
※(Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul/整備、修理、改造)

Our company was born in 1991 as the first air transport company in Shizuoka prefecture in Japan, and operates the Shizuoka disaster prevention aviation corps, news planes, and charter planes based in Shizuoka Helipad.
In April 2019, we have established the Authorized Service Center (certified maintenance factory) in Japan certified by Leonardo, one of the world’s leading helicopter manufacturers, at Shizuoka Airport and started the MRO * business. Furthermore, in 2022, we have installed the first full flight simulator of Leonardo AW139 helicopter in the vicinity of Shizuoka Airport and start providing pilot and mechanic training.
Helicopters are highly public vehicles that contribute to society by playing an active role in all fields of private, public and defense, such as firefighting, disaster prevention, emergency medical care, press, police, personnel transportation, and goods transportation. We provide the top priority to safety and consistently provide helicopter operation, maintenance, training, etc., and contribute to the region and Japanese society.
※(Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul)