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Price estimate simulation

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Rough price estimation

Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport
Ferry flight
{{ valFormat(departures["ferry_dist"]) }}km
{{ timeFormat(departures["ferry_time"]) }}
Departure{{ departures["label_en"] }}
{{ valFormat(arrival["dist"]) }}km
{{ timeFormat(arrival["time"]) }}
Destination{{ arrival["label_en"] }}
Ferry fligh
{{ valFormat(arrival["ferry_dist"]) }}km
{{ timeFormat(arrival["ferry_time"]) }}
Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport
{{ valFormat(departures["ferry_dist"] + arrival["dist"] + arrival["ferry_dist"]) }}km{{ timeFormat(departures["ferry_time"] + arrival["ferry_time"] + arrival["time"]) }} Ferry flight charge{{ valFormat(arrival["cost_ferry"] * 10000) }}Yen
Charter price{{ valFormat(arrival["cost"] * 10000) }}Yen

Total{{ sumCost }}Yen (plus tax)

※Please contact by phone/e-mail if you wish to use other airports listed on the above.

※Flight time will be affected by weather condition

※Estimation price is airplane charter price by max. six(6) passengers

※Estimation price is one way price and no return flight is included.

※Price estimate simulation is ballpark figure and official estimate can be submitted after application.

Price Estimation Application Format

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