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Business Jet Charter Business

Tailored, safety and joyful travel by business jet

We are happy to support your business trip by tailored flight plan. You can avoid transit loss time proceed from scheduled flight. We have luxury lounge for your exclusive use in Fujisan Shizuoka Airport. Enjoy free and comfortable BJ trip!!

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EXAMPLE : Business Jet Charter

Let’s try to use our Business Jet from Kyushu to Tokyo Metropolitan instead of Bullet Train.

Mr. Yazawa, General Manager of Trading company in Tokyo, had two business meetings in Kumamoto City and Fukuoka City successfully. Instead of taking last bullet train for Tokyo, he had a dinner in Fukuoka City with his client, and use business jet from Fukuoka Airport, taking off at 21:00, and landed in Haneda Airport at 22:50. Flight time was only 1hour 20minutes. Next morning, he reported his business achievement and obtain the approval to get success his business.