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SACC整備施設前 運用ヘリ3機

Business Jet Charter Service

Price structure is very simple. Shizuoka Air Commuter surely respond any of customers request.

Attractive and transparent price structure

  • Max. six(6) passenger available. We achieve attractive price and transparent price estimate.

Meet your needs

  • ・Fly from various domestic airport and make your own travel schedule
  • ・Keep your privacy and create safe and luxury sky travel

Set up the Price

Charter price list (Exclude tax, Max six(6) passengers

Price for one(1) hour charter 500,000~600,000
Japanese Yen per hour
  • ※Minimum charter price : one(1) hour
  • ※If your charter flight time exceeds one(1)hour, each five(5) minute price setting available.
  • ※Unit price differs on the flight region and flight time.
Price for Ferry Flight 450,000~500,000
Japanese Yen per hour
  • ※Minimum Ferry charge is thirty(30)minutes.
  • ※Ferry flight means between our operation base(Shizuoka Airport) and your destination airport.
  • ※Unit price differs on the flight region and flight time.
Crew hotel charge 120,000
Japanese Yen
  • ※One night stay available for crew
  • ※Please click and make your trip by yourself with using our Price Estimation Program.
    (The price estimation shows only one way trip)
    We will send final quotation after your application by our simulation program.
  • ※Please acknowledge that transportation charge from the aircraft to the terminal will be charged separately depend on airports parking area.
Price Estimation Program

Our Jet for charter flight

Please see our Cessna Citation CJ2+

Cessna Citation CJ2+

Cessna Citation CJ2+

Cruise Speed 745km/h
max. passenger six(6)
※Maximum number of passenger can be changed depend on flight distance and weather condition.
Max. endurance Four(4)hours
Max. distance 2,987km
Number of Engines Two(2)
In the Airport
  • ・We will pick you up at the designated place in the airport. Please carry boarding pass.
  • ・We will accompany you getting on board smoothly and luggage check and to the aircraft.
  • ・Local transportation at destination airport can be arranged as optional.
In the cabin
  • ・You enjoy luxury cabin and gorgeous interior
  • ・You relax with four large leather seat with folding table
  • ・Local transportation at destination airport can be arranged as option.
  • ・Your luggage are installed nose and tail section of the airplane.
  • ・We need to know total weight of your luggage for safety flight.

From Reservation to On Board

Flow chart of your reservation application

Contact Price Estimation Payment Boarding Pass On board to airplane

The transportation operation have to follow our company regulation.

Necessary Information for reservation
  • We will ask further necessary information upon your application
  • Company name is required in case of corporate charter. Name, address and phone number or e-mail of representative, name of all passengers is required
How to proceed reservation and payment
  • We will submit final price estimation upon receipt of your application
  • Final application will be completed upon your acceptance.
  • After we confirm your payment to designated bank, your reservation is confirmed.
  • We will issue payment receipt to you soonest possible.
  • Boarding pass will be issued by e-mail at least seven(7)days before flight date.
  • We require information of pregnant female, handicapped personnel at the time of your reservation.
  • Bank remittance is required.
  • Bank charge will be borne by the customer
  • Please be careful that the Bank will close Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays
  • If you require the Invoice, please ask us.


Carry in luggage and prohibited material
  • Space is limited and one luggage and small bag per passenger can be carried into cabin.
  • Due to the total weight limitation, please allow pilot to ask you occasionally.
  • We suggest that large luggage or heavy cargo should be carried separated by courier.
  • Following goods are prohibited to carry due to company safety regulation and law.
    ・dangerous goods as like weapon
    ・explosive goods and flammable goods
    ・corrosive goods
    ・smelly goods and noisy goods
    ・goods prohibited by low
    ・fragile, corrosive and deteriorative material
    ・other goods restricted by our company
  • your pet animals can be carried into the cabin
  • Luggage check and security check will be conducted before on board
  • Cancellation is available at free of change by 30days prior to the flight date.
  • All the bank charge will be borne by the customer.
By 24hours before flight date 50%
No-show by flight date 100%

Please do not hesitate to contact below if you have any question.

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Price Estimation Program