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Our Services

SACC整備施設前 運用ヘリ3機

We are flexible and correspond to many customers request.
Business Jet and Helicopter Charter Operation, Aircraft Maintenance, Aerial Photograph, EMS Helicopter Operation, Civil Protection Helicopter Operation and News Gathering for TV and Newspaper Companies.

Business Jet Charter Business Jet Charter

We support customers important business. We can tailor flight schedule matching to your business plan. Please utilize your private and valuable time in the air.

Helicopter charter Helicopter charter

It’s ultimate luxury to fly with your wife for cerebration of her birthday or wedding anniversary !!

Aircraft Maintenance Service Aircraft Maintenance Service

Rich experienced mechanics perform maintenance for customer’s aircraft to keep safety and ensure the flight.


We are operating Leonardo AW109SP for EMS operation, with advantages of its high speed cruise. Emergency medical care is extremely high-valued social mission.

Helicopter Operation Helicopter Operation

We meet the various needs such as civil protection operation with greater urgency, broad casting operation. The preparation will be made to operate the helicopters safe and reliable.

Aerial Photograph Business Aerial Photograph Business

Aggressive and impressive photographs and 3-D movies can be shootable from the air, newly build vessels, buildings and any other objective, which can not comparable with standard photograph shooting from the ground.